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Lemonade Stand, and Deliver

Leslie Brown

An eight year old girl took it upon herself to do for a disabled veteran what their country would not.

We are to have “faith as a child”, and this one is a blessing to watch and be inspired by. Goodness is like a rare jewel these days among the ugliness that is this world.

Nicholas Bailey is an Army veteran of 12 years, having served two tours in Iraq. Nicholas suffers spinal injuries from two rocket bombs, as well as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and would greatly benefit from a service dog. Rachel Mennett of Summerville, South Carolina took a special interest in the situation and is directing all of her monies and attention to earning the money to train a service dog for Bailey.

The dog is one that Nicholas already owns, but he already shows a sensitivity to the nightmares that he suffers, so Nicholas and his wife believe “Abel” is the dog Nicholas needs to assist with his recovery. Training is expensive, at over 6,000 dollars, but a a Go Fund Me account has been formed online to supplement the effort that Rachel began.

Rachel’s brother is helping with the lemonade stand, and the Bailey’s children have set up a bake sale near the lemonade stand.  Would, that there were more Rachels in the world who would take it upon themselves to help, and not hurt.

Rachel Mennett of Summerville, SC is only 8 years-old–but her heart is already as big as they come. When Rachel learned about the plight of a troubled Iraq War veteran in her community — a man who suffered from debilitating spinal injuries and PTSD — she decided to help…to help raise money to train Nick Bailey’s service dog.

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