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Sharpton Now a “Fatty Basher”?

Leslie Brown

Just imagine for a moment, if you will that Mitt Romney had said the following*, “Since I lost weight I talk about fat folk real bad. I like keeping fat folk around me so I can just talk about them.”

Hmmm, call me crazy, but I think Mitt Romney would have pretty much been pilloried, eviscerated, and likely burned in effigy. I’m trying to figure out this “cloaking shield” that some people have. I totally don’t get it? I keep hearing about white privilege, but Geez, in this case we’re shy of exactly ONE person up on a capital murder charge, and likely several people for attempted murder.

What gives? Let’s read some more of what this “silver-tongued-devil” had to say, shall we? This is at a community fashion show organized by his daughter:

Mimicking a passed-over candidate, Sharpton said, “Why Ashley didn’t have me model?” He answered himself, “’Cause you too fat! We doing full-body size, but we ain’t doing the oversize.” He added that “jumbo” women would not make the cut.

Chiding a portly aide during remarks in late-April, Sharpton said, “I know how to make you jog. All I got to do is just put a fried chicken sandwich right here.” As he said this, Sharpton mimicked holding the sandwich on a stick as a lure. “And you’ll run as far as I got that chicken sandwich.”

While urging followers in late-May to attend a rally against Boko Haram at the United Nations, Sharpton said, “A lot of y’all ain’t doing nothing but going to lunch. And most of y’all don’t need no lunch. Y’all need to walk over to the UN and lose some weight anyhow.”

If y’all have any ideas about how this “cloaking device” works exactly, how it was purchased/installed, and if it is available to everyone. Let me know, I’m just curious.

*except with better grammar.



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