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Liberal Jack*ssery Part 1: by Madeline Deneen

Leslie Brown

Before the lib bashing begins, I have to hand it to them, they may be stupid, but at least they know what they are. Jack*sses. They know it and they embrace it. Out of all the amazing creatures to select from the animal kingdom, they so fittingly chose the *ss to represent them.

Although the competition was tough, I have finally paired my list down to 3 libs in the running for the “Liberal Jack*ss Quote of the Year” award. Texas democrat Sheila Jackson Lee made the cut; however, deciding on which 2014 faux pas was incredibly difficult…

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (Historian)

Earlier this year liberal jack*ss Sheila Jackson Lee took the House floor and literally changed history when she referenced the beginning of the country and claimed, “We have lasted some 400 years, operating under a Constitution that clearly defines what is constitutional and what is not.” Yes, you read that correctly. A U.S. Representative actually believes our Constitution predates the pilgrims…need I say more? No, but I will anyway. If she were a doctor she’d perform heart surgery on your kidney! The U.S. Representative who somehow managed to graduate from Yale (three cheers for affirmative action!) displays a disturbing level of liberal jack*ssery on a regular basis. And for the record, the Constitution was signed on September 17, 1787, making it 226 years old, jack*ss!

Michelle Nunn (Color-blindness)

Georgia lib running for U.S. Senate Michelle Nunn experienced the misfortune of having her confidential campaign strategy leaked and damn is it a goldmine of liberal jack*ssery! The campaign plan demonstrates a tremendous degree of liberal racism, I know, an oxymoron right? Wrong! The plan describes Jews as a “tremendous financial opportunity” and Asians as “very tight.” In addition, the campaign clearly feels very confident about support from the media, actually predicting that the media will even notify them of republican opponents’ attacks in advance. Don’t believe me? Here’s another direct quote, “Often we will have fair warning and can work to kill or muddy the story.” So much for libs insisting the “liberal media bias” is a myth. Nunn is a smart liberal jack*ss, (now THAT’s an oxymoron) using it to her advantage, so I do have to hand it to her for being the most honest contender for the “Liberal Jack*ss Quote of the Year” award.

Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro Soebarkah Obama (Average Joe)

Naturally Obummer made the list too. Obama, (or whatever his name is) and liberal jack*sses alike often push the “party of the people” narrative, misrepresenting themselves as people just like you, who understand the hardship faced by the common man, when in reality nearly everyone in congress is a millionaire. It’s always entertaining when a lib jack*ss attempts this cheap appeal to the ‘average Joe’ and accidentally exposes just how out of touch they really are. Our bogus POTUS revealed how ‘down with the people’ he really is a few months ago when he made this pandering comment to a ‘hard hit’ woman: “When I see you, I’m reminded of when Michelle and I were starting off early on, and Michelle calling me in tears because we had just lost the nanny and we had no idea whether we were going to be able to replace her with somebody.” How effing clueless can you be? If losing the nanny is your biggest problem, congratulations! You’ve made it! You can no longer consider yourself or your problems ‘common.’ In my opinion, this ridiculous attempt to empathize with an average American parent who can only dream of having a nanny is just as laughable as Obama’s fellow lib aristocrat Hillionaire Clinton’s “dead broke” remark. What next Obama? You hate when the difference between fairway and rough is hard to discern?

And the award goes to…
Well we still have a little over 4 months to go before the year is up, and something tells me we can count on some more prime liberal jack*ssery for 2014. So brace yourself for the winner of the “Liberal Jack*ss Quote of the Year” award at the end of the year!

Awesome contribution by Madeline Deneen from Political Illusions Exposed!
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