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One Voice, United

Leslie Brown

Geez, I’ve had so many different jobs over the years. A lot of little “odd jobs” when I was in school such as waiting tables, visual merchandising, or “window dressing” (in a “Rhoda” sorta way), or fragrance modeling.

For years, before I started school I worked as an orthodontic assistant. I loved being an orthodontic assistant because roughly every half hour I would have a different kid to talk to, and get to know, and I would get to see them monthly for about two years.

I really enjoyed this job and would have done it forever, however there was not room to move up, unless I wanted to go to dental school and become an orthodontist.

One of my former patients or “babies”, is actually an attorney for the state of Illinois now; but don’t hold that against me. I’m actually very proud of her. Another one of my babies is a math instructor at a large junior college in Dallas.

The “baby” I’m thinking about today was in the Texas Boys Choir. You may have not heard of the Texas Boys Choir, but it is world renowned, and illustrates such a beautiful “coming-together” and uniting of voices all in one accord. This is what WE can be as a nation should we all choose to gather with what unites us instead of what divides. I believe that the distillation of the message is this: GOD, COUNTRY, others, and of course lastly ourselves. Who is with me?

The Texas Boys Choir

If God and country are the first priorities in our lives, isn’t everything else, pretty much just details?


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