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Those Racist Republicans!

Leslie Brown

Satan is the Father of Lies, so nowadays, for pretty much everything you hear; the very OPPOSITE is true.

Let’s see what Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been saying about Republicans, shall we?

“The Republicans have not only played politics with this for too long, but I think deeply embedded in too many of the Republicans in the House of Representatives is a thread of bigotry that is appalling,”

Since this statement was made regarding immigration, let’s see what the American people think:

A recent poll from The Polling Company found that 90% of likely voters feel that “U.S.-born workers and legal immigrants already here should get first preference for jobs.” Strong majorities of those who favor a pathway to legalization and citizenship for illegal immigrants even believe that “jobs now held by illegal immigrants should go to American workers.”

(source below)

Sooo, since it seems Republicans are on the side of the majority of Americans, let’s look further back at the history of Republicans.

Thirteenth Amendment, which abolished slavery:

Republican Support 100%
Democrat Support 23%

Fourteenth Amendment, which gave citizenship to freed slaves:

Republican Support 94%
Democrat Support 0%

Fifteenth Amendment, which gave voting rights for all:

Republican Support 100%
Democrat Support 0%


I have tried to “shout from the rooftops”, “Don’t look at what people SAY, look at what they DO!”

Must I remind you it was Obama who said, “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth, are those with something to hide.” He also said he could, “Slow the rise of the oceans.” Folks, this is where it boils down to CHARACTER.

Are we meanypants racists for not wanting half of South American to merge into our nation? No, we are not. We just want to keep our nation our nation.


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