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We’re a “Crazy Cat-Lady” Nation

Leslie Brown

Seems like most every neighborhood has one,…a crazy cat lady.

In fact, you may even smell a crazy cat lady before you see one. Well, our NATION is now a “Crazy Cat Lady Nation”. How so? Well, crazy cat ladies start off innocently enough helping one “poor little kitty” with a saucer of milk on the porch, and the next thing you know they’re off to Sam’s every week buying LARGE ECONOMY SIZE bag of cat food. Let’s not even go near the subject of the litter box huh?

Granted we have HUGE borders in our country, but being that the GREAT WALL OF CHINA has existed for millennia, I’m thinking we can do better. Do you know with what ASININE legal ruling has led to “cats” practically crawling up the “pant legs” of our country?

Plyler vs. Doe (1982) virtually forces us to educate kids regardless of where they come from. Super! In my opinion, this was judicial activism run amok with a misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment’s “Equal Protection” clause. Judicial activism, by contorting our Constitution like so much “silly putty” is DESTROYING our nation as we once knew it.

As I have said before, “A text without a CONTEXT is a pretext”. What was the ORIGINAL intent of the law, NOT some touch-feely momentarily patting of one’s self on the back. As we know, “Liberals don’t think long-term, just whatever makes them feel morally superior at the moment.”

Is a land with no border enforcement still a nation? Why don’t we just do away with those meanypants border check-points and let people come and go as they please? How about the American children taking precedence over the illegal children? Meh. The more the merrier!

Y’all, I can ‘t make this stuff up…..

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