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Easily offended at Six Flags

Christopher Harris

America has apparently become a place where not only is Freedom of Speech not welcome…but where we don’t want to run the risk of offending anyone, in any way…so we offend just about everyone, in our attempts to offend no one.

Mario Alejandro planned a trip to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey with his wife and children, but was turned away at the security gate because of his shirt. It seems that at someplace as quintessentially American as an amusement park, patriotism is not exactly welcome.

The shirt says, “Keep calm and return fire,” and has an image of a red, white and blue M-16.

Offensive Tshirt - Return fire - UA edit

You see, Mr. Alejandro is a Marine, and he was part of the initial invasion of Iraq in 2003. But he was denied entrance to a New Jersey amusement park last weekend – all because of his T-shirt.

“When we got through the metal detector, the guy stopped me. You can’t come in with that shirt,” said Alejandro. “I started laughing. ‘You are joking, right?’ He said, ‘no, that shirt is offensive.’”

This American Patriot and Iraq War Veteran said the shirt was a Father’s Day gift, purchased from a non-profit group that supports the Marines. He said he refused to take it off on principle.

The amusement park would not budge on its policy and although Alejandro’s family went in, Mario chose not to.

In a statement, Six Flags said it does not “allow guests to wear t-shirts with images of assault rifles in our parks.”

“We apologize for any inconvenience we caused this guest, however we stand by our policy, which does not permit clothing with vulgar, offensive or violent language or images. our goal is to maintain a fun, safe and family-friendly environment,” it said.

Well, thankfully, nobody was offended…except for the United States Marine Corp.

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