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“Fill -up” Please!

Leslie Brown

I have the most amazing parents ever. They are so dang happy I just want to strangle them sometimes! They see “the glass half full”, while I see it “half empty” with water spots aaaand lipstick residue that is not my shade. I’m just sayin’

Depression is a thread that runs throughout the literary and art world. Maybe it’s because in many professions you perform a “task”. As a writer, or actor, or painter, it is YOU that you are giving, that and your heart; laid bare for all the world to see.

My parents will be coming to visit me in a couple of weeks! They are a joy; they are none too keen on allowing people to “soak in their juices of sorrow” for very long!

Elder Farris Long ministered to me today-by way of a youtube video. We get beat up by the world, we get beat-up by the most unlikely of people sometimes. No one seems to care, even when we risk more than we should.

Elder Farris Long is a unique multi-faceted man of God whose gifts and talents extend beyond the walls of the church. He spent a number of years in the marketing field for a New York based multi-media advertising company and later took the knowledge, experience, and expertise he gained from it to create his own company, LONGevity Enterprises, LLC. With clientele across the U.S., Farris is highly sought after for consulting and graphic design services among both the church and business community.Despite his business acumen, he is firmly established in the ecumenical as well.

Thank you Elder Farris Long for making and sharing this video, and I hope it will minister to others.

(In reference to the “recording” photo) “Radio Interview this week… a great discussion about the power of UNITY in the body of Christ.. It’s time to break racial and cultural barriers and unite as believers. Loving HIM.. Loving each other.. and BY ALL MEANS loving the lost that he died for!” Does this guy sound like an “Unhyphenated American” or what???

put god first

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