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They’re here…….

Leslie Brown

In 2008 Americans chose to be blinded by the novelty of the darkness of a man’s skin rather than choosing to look at the darkness of his soul.

“Political Correctness”, “Affirmative” Action and “Multiculturism”, have all been the stones by which we have paved the way on the path that has descended us into the decimation of our country. For decades we have been busily worried about “offending” anyone. Anyone but God, that is.

Just this week, patriot and “guerilla journalist” James O’Keefe snuck across our southern border, twice; dressed as Osama bin Laden no less.

Current list of Muslims in key positions in the White House: Arif Alikhan, Mohammed Elibiary, Rashad Hussain, Salam al-Marayati, Imam Mohammed Magid and Eboo Patel. Syrian Kareem Shora was appointed by DHS Secretary Napolitano on Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC).

We have done nothing short of putting the fox in charge of guarding the chicken house, and we, like so many chickens, the foxes will happily cut off our heads.

“ISIS presents a threat to the United States. They have capability, intent, and with American citizens fighting for them, they will have access to America … they present a threat to the United States. We need to re-examine the process of visa waivers in the United States. We need to close the southern border” he stated.

~Former C.I.A. officer and Concerned Veterans for America Spokesman Gary Berntsen

Honestly, there is nothing I would rather be wrong about than what is happening to our country. I deeply love my country and am an Army brat married to a Marine. The United States was founded as a Judeo-Christian country; that is the fact jack. If you have a problem with that, let me step out on a limb and tell you to leave.

Getting back to what Martin Luther King Jr. said so long ago about “looking at the content of a man’s character and not the color of man’s skin”, should not have to be revived for debate by a country housewife some fifty years later. Let’s just hope it’s not too late.

offend God

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