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Outgrowing Leftism: I used to be that!!

Christopher Harris

You know, I wasn’t always such a staunch Conservative, and I certainly wasn’t always an Unhyphenated American. Like the overwhelming majority of Blacks in America today, I used to be a solid, straight-ticket voting Democrat. So today, as a grown man, who has put away childish thinking, I have to shake my head when my more Leftist minded friends tell me that I should be more open to hearing “THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ARGUMENT”.

I find myself thinking, “Hello?!?! Have you not listened to anything I have said?!?!? I USED TO BE ON ‘THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ARGUMENT’. Everything YOU are saying, I USED TO SAY!! EVERYTHING!!” I used to believe in the theory of Leftism.

Unhyphenated America - I used to be that - Donkey

Virtually every argument that the Left told me (and the Black Community) to support, I supported.

Pro-Abortion (also known as “Pro-Choice”)…I USED TO BE THAT!


Angry at White People…I USED TO BE THAT!

Pro-Welfare…I USED TO BE THAT!

Believe that the Constitution said that a Black person was only 3/5ths of a human being…I USED TO BE THAT!

Believe that Republicans want to put Blacks “back on the plantation”…I USED TO BE THAT!

Believe that “Conservatives” were nothing more than closet racist…I USED TO BE THAT!

Believe that the 2nd Amendment ONLY applied to a “militia” and that the average citizen has no need to own a gun…I USED TO BE THAT!

Believe that the DNC truly “cared about the little guy” and Black folks in particular…I USED TO BE THAT!

Believe that without the power of the Federal Government there to “redistribute wealth” and “PROVIDE for the GENERAL WELFARE”, little children would be half-naked, starving and living in the streets because we are all too selfish to help our fellow man…I USED TO BE THAT!

Believe that the “Christian thing to do” was to abdicate the responsibility of taking care of our fellow man to the Local, State and Federal Government…I USED TO BE THAT!

Believe that the personal conduct of our elected officials shouldn’t really matter, because that is a personal matter between them and their family…because after all, we should “judge not, lest we be judged”…I USED TO BE THAT!

Believe that we need the government to step in and “manage the economy”, because only the wise people who work for the government and our elected officials really know or care about creating jobs and growing our economy…I USED TO BE THAT!

Believe that Teachers Unions actually cared about the education, welfare and future of students…I USED TO BE THAT!

Believe that, if we don’t bother them (our enemies overseas), then maybe they won’t bother us…I USED TO BE THAT!

Believe that “Multiculturalism” makes perfect sense, because a person shouldn’t have to try to integrate into the culture of their adopted country…because only a racist would be so crazy as to suggest that…if YOU left YOUR HOMELAND to come here for something better…that is by default an admission that in some significant way, your homeland was inferior to this country…YEAH, I USED TO BE THAT!

Believe that America is NOT the “Greatest Nation on Earth”…because of the false notion that PERFECTION is required to be GREAT…I USED TO BE THAT!

Now, the question is…CAN YOU say that YOU have been on “THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ARGUMENT”?  You see, the “change” for me began with me being humble enough to ask myself this one question. “What if most of the things I have been taught (either directly or indirectly) are wrong?”

Most people are either way too arrogant, or way too insecure to ask themselves that question…and then follow it up with action and research!! But if you ever do humble yourself like I humbled myself, I can all but guarantee you that, you will begin a journey of tremendous growth. And like me, you will look back upon your time as a believer in Leftist/Regressive/Socialist ideology, and say, “WOW!!! I can’t believe that I USED TO BE THAT!!”

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