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M&M’s…..just the COATING, please….

Leslie Brown

Geez, everybody pretty much, loves M&M’s. Who couldn’t? I mean they are brightly dressed in a crunchy coating of sugar, food-dye and carnuba wax. What’s not to love?

We all have a different way of eating M&M’s too. My husband has no couth whatsoever in eating M&M’s. He will happily munch on SEVERAL AT TIME!!!! What is wrong with this man? M&M’s are to be gently dissolved on one’s tongue INDIVIDUALLY until they are covered with but a blanched white shell, then gently crunched, vertically between one’s molars.

What is my POINT in this inane dissection of dissecting food? Well my point is, that we all want to get to the yummy CHOCOLATE! Well most of us that is. Some people essentially suck all of the candy shell and then spit them out. Hey, I pulled a “fast one” on you though, and segued to an analogy on LIFE.

Ignorance is bliss to many people; and that my friends is why our country is in the mess it is in. People listened but to the candy coated lies of our President, never bothering to test the chocolate (so to speak) of his character. Some people would rather cover their ears with the hands of ignorance whilst repeating, “La La La La La”!

Is it right or obedient to only seek the candy coating readily visible out there in life? Aren’t we commanded to be wise and seek truth? Jesus said, “I am the Way and the Truth and the Light.” Sooooo, if we’re NOT seeking the truth, what is it exactly we are seeking? What is the opposite of truth my friends? What is the opposite of light?

My beautiful aunt Patricia is such a kind soul. She is the kind of person who would TELL you if you have broccoli in your teeth or toilet tissue dangling from your shoe because she likes to practice that GOLDEN RULE thingie. One time she was in a nice restaurant and this lady returned from a rest-room visit to her LADDER-BACK-CHAIR with her whole backside exposed because her dress had gotten tucked into the top of her panty-hose! Now let me elaborate. They are called “panty-hose” because they were designed to take the place of both stockings (BEFORE MY TIME thank you very much) and panties. Now, nice Southern girls wear panties ANYWAY. It’s just what we do. Well apparently, this lady was a YANKEE and my aunt was kind enough to go discreetly whisper in her ear that there was a second appearance of a “moon” on that particular day.

Y’all, open your eyes. I’m an outspoken red-head, and I’ll be dam&ed if I’m going to sit silently. Truth may not always be pretty, but that makes it no less true.

Who believed this cr*p?


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