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Strength in Numbers

Leslie Brown

Unhyphenated America’s mission is to focus on, not surprisingly Americans. We have this crazy notion like Martin Luther King Jr. did, that it is character that matters, and we need to unite with what we have in common; not divide with what we don’t.

A cord of many strands cannot be easily broken, and “a house divided cannot stand”. Unfortunately, I can think of a couple of characters who make a living, by being dividers. With our weak economy and weaker border, we need to get past what I call the “cootie mentality” of looking at color, and start looking at character.

Think how many people voted for Obama simply because of his color. If that’s not racism, I don’t know what is. We currently suffer the consequences in this country because of Obama’s lack of integrity. A lot of people who voted for Obama were liberals with “white guilt”. It is because of this, that we have on this site, a “certificate of forgiveness” from Kevin Jackson addressing “white guilt”.

How about we all do what Martin Luther King actually said, and maybe outgrow simply looking at the outside of a person. Isn’t looking at someone and immediately assigning a value to them tantamount to a third or fourth grader giving “cootie shots” on the playground? You remember…”circle, circle, dot, dot, now you have a cootie shot”. If you don’t remember; “cooties” were in essence “girl germs” that were had by said girls who I don’t think had a whole lot of say-so in the matter as to their gender. Pretty juvenile huh?

Watch the video below from Perth, Australia. Obviously a different country, but a universal message; of “strength in numbers”. Patriots of all colors who love God and country (in that order) are hopefully going to put “others” next on the list, and lastly themselves. Patriot on, my brothers and sisters.

Chris meme

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