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Veterans, the New Pariah?

Leslie Brown

If this is the “new normal” it su*ks. When did our country go from being a country that cared for and revered our veterans, to one that casts them aside, punches them in the face and spits on them?

My husband was in the Marine Reserves for 6 years; 4 years active and 2 years inactive. He gets not ONE benefit; not even a V.A. loan. I’m sure he isn’t exactly clamoring for V.A. health care, but it might beat draining your own knee.

Liberalism is to blame. You have probably heard the oft used analogy about the frog in the boiling pot. A frog will stay in a pot of water until he “croaks”, if the heat applied to the water is ever-so-slowly and gradually turned up. The frog will hang out in his “hot tub o’ death” until it is too late.

We have turned up the heat in our country until it is now at the boiling point. What were the methods of slooowwwly turning up the heat? Well, “multiculturism”, “diversity”, and so-called “tolerance” are to blame, as well as the poo-pooing of American Exceptionalism.

As Americans, what is there to be proud of, if liberal academia fills young minds with mush like portraying our Founding Fathers as intolerant-sexist-racist-xenophobes. Where is the respect for the men that sacrificed their lives so that we could have religious freedom in our country for our country?

Did American soldiers go off to fight for our country risking life and limb to protect the right of those who have zero intention of assimilating into our culture, and both vehemently, and violently attack those who fought? One the oldest tricks in the book militarily is “divide and conquer”. That’s exactly what we are doing to our country.

This is why Teddy Roosevelt was so insistent upon strict control of immigration. I mean think about it. If you were to have a party in your home, would you allow people in who you knew ahead of time hated you, and furthermore, their culture and religion told that it is not only their right, but duty to kill you? That’s asinine. It’s also exactly what we are doing.

Below is a video of Marine Manny Vega flying a flag for our country and that of Israel at a rally in front of the White House Saturday. He is surrounded and attacked by Pro-Palestinian “Religion of Peace” mob. Never does he show fear, just indignance. Semper Fi Manny.

(Language f-bomb warning as well as listen for “Allahu Akbar”)

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