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National Association of Gingers: N.A.G.

Leslie Brown

You know, my boss is working on a new book called “How to be a Race Pimp for Fun and Profit”. I got to thinking, “hey!” I want a piece of the pie, or should I say “carrot-cake” too…

“Gingers” or “Red-heads” are only 2% of the world population and I need to get the minority status of which I am ENTITLED DAM*IT! It is no easy life growing up being called “Red-on-the-Head”, “Carrot-Top”, “Copper-Top” and “Red”.

Geez, they have a flippin’ SALON for women at the immigrant detention center for crying out loud! Frickin’ Guantanamo has SOCCER FIELDS! Can I not get some sort of subsidy or something at least for flippin’ SUNSCREEN! Geez! I’m getting pretty T.O.’d. You know us “reds” have a propensity for anger.

Where is my SNAP card? You do know that the U.S. government spends OUR money advertising in MEXICO for OUR SNAP card here??? Tell me with a straight face that liberals are not certifiably NUTZ!

(Jeff)Sessions offered an amendment that would have ended the USDA’s partnership with Mexico on food stamp advertising in that country. Senate Democrats unanimously voted against that Sessions amendment.

I’m a frickin’ United States citizen! I had an ancestor who fought in the flippin’ REVOLUTIONARY WAR! Can I not get something outta’ this??? I was gonna’ join that Daughter’s of the American Revolution, but I realized it was a Junior-League-y, sorority-type snooty thing. Scr*w that. Geez, most women are snooty enough on their own.

Well, we’ll see. There is strength in numbers. I will just give my new N.A.G. organization a go. From what I hear from husbands out there, there are TONS of women who want to nag. O.K., I definitely have the minority numbers to achieve minority status, not to mention this bunch is feistier than the general population for sure (just ask my parents or my husband). This thing just might work. Here’s our new “catch-phrase”….”N.A.G.-cause you know you want to..”

Leslie Ann Brown, Head N.A.G.’r in charge. P.S. I think the song below will work pretty well for our “Red-headed Walk on Washington”. PLUS, the song is by R.E.M., one of my favorite all-time bands!

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