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Toileting, Made EASY!

Leslie Brown

Have we come to THIS? Seriously? News reports are coming from the border stating that some of the members of the flood of inva- I mean immigrants at our Southern border are UNFAMILIAR with RESTROOM FACILITIES!!! WTH?

Well, since I am a former Texas public school teacher, I know that teachers will be forced to educate these folks. Since the start of the school year will be upon us before you know it, I thought I would do my part and show these folks how restroom facilities operate, hence avoiding that oh-so-awkward-moment later. Aren’t I thoughtful?

Teachers have to lead students for restroom breaks, “prison warden” style often while their own toileting needs remain unaddressed until they get their, oh, say 22 minute lunch. I LITERALLY drank Ensure every year I taught school because I am a slow eater, and have low-blood sugar, so I had to get some nutrition in me, and FAST! O.K. back to the training…..


Recipiente en forma de taza, generalmente de porcelana o loza esmaltada, que sirve para orinar y evacuar el vientre en postura sentada; está provisto de una cisterna con agua para limpiarlo después de su uso y está conectado a una tubería de desagüe que se comunica con las cloacas:hay que bajar la tapa del inodoro antes de salir del cuarto de baño.

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(NOT TO SCALE!!!   No a escala) papel higiénico/sanitario

Mom, I crammed the handwashing video here too, just for you! The music is pretty JAZZY too! Y’all if we don’t laugh, we’ll cry…

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