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Find the Common

Leslie Brown

We all havesomething in common; sometimes the mask we put up to the outside world needs to be put down for just a moment, so we can find it. Somehow sitting in a colorful ball pit expedites that process immensely!

Ball pits arrived on the scene at McDonald’s and other “kid-focused” venues after I was too old to indulge. I did however, climb into a huge bin of “play” balls at a Walmart one time, when I was far too “old” for that type of behavior. It was both exhilarating and a lot of fun!

“Good clean fun” seems to be lacking these days. Do kids ever make “barricades” at grocery stores by sucking toilet plungers to the floor across the “cleaning” aisle anymore?

When you have a much younger brother like I do, it allows you to stay a kid for longer than you should. This was under the guise of “entertaining the poor child” you see.

My little brother and I studied the “Johnson Smith” catalogue like the Talmud. If you are unfamiliar with the “Johnson Smith” catalogue, that was where, at the time one could order “flies”-in-ice-cubes, fake dog doo, fake vomit and the like. In other words…LOADS of fun!

Being pretty tame kids, about as naughty as we ever got was with the “Stench Spray” we ordered out of the catalogue. It came in an aerosol can, and the smell lived up to the product’s name. After you sprayed, you pretty much wanted to saw off the finger that did the spraying.

What my little brother and I would do, was douse the porch of some unsuspecting neighbor with a cloud of Stench Spray (which lingered like mustard gas), then run like h*ll. The beauty of the whole mission was that absolutely no tangible evidence remained at the scene of the crime. We would be doubled over behind some bushes watching a hapless neighbor gagging and retching from their vicious olfactory assault.

A little levity, and a little dropping of the guard that constrains us to the role of an “adult” can be fun on occasion. Watch the video below, and experience how two perfect strangers share a special moment together. I’m sure neither will soon forget it.


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