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Broken Branches Make for a Sick Tree

Leslie Brown

Our government: the Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial branches; all three designed to work together as a system of checks and balances. Broken branches make for a sick tree; they also make good kindling.

The dumbing down of our educational system is no accident. A stupid people are much easier to both control and manipulate. A government can get away with a lot more when nobody notices or cares; but hey, zombie shows!

I care, and I cry and I rail. I call myself a “kitchen table patriot”. I do what I can to disseminate truth. “In a world of deceit, TRUTH becomes a revolutionary act.” ~George Orwell (author of 1984)

Do I even need to tell you what the problem is with the Executive branch at the moment? If Mr. Stompy Foot doesn’t get his way, he simply signs an EXECUTIVE action. After all, he has “a pen and a phone”.

The Legislative branch has been diluted by serving much larger groups proportionally than it was ever designed for, and bastardized by the love of money. “Earmarks” deeply hidden in bills to benefit the legislators themselves have led to the growing of enormous debt. “To preserve our independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt…I am for a government rigorously frugal and simple.”~Thomas Jefferson Notice what Jefferson said, “to preserve our independence”; haven’t we done anything BUT promote independence since the “War on Poverty” and the ever growing welfare state?

The Judicial branch is perhaps the most insidious to me because our Supreme Court Judges are appointed for LIFE. What if they don’t follow the rule of law and don’t love God? God was thrown out our public schools in 1962. What small percentage of Americans are atheist? We bent our knee to THEM and not to God. Atheists are the like overgrown children who say “You’re not the boss of me”. Guess what? He IS your boss. I have never seen a hearse with a U-Haul and yet millions worship the almighty dollar and themselves, for what?

This site is supposed to feature stories of American Exceptionalism, and unexpected heroes. Things are so pressing in this nation now, I feel compelled to speak out. There will cease to be American Exceptionalism when there is no more America.

Please take the time to watch this fourteen minute video by a 26 year veteran of the border control. Do you know the border control agents are denied anymore ammunition until October 2015? Will it even matter by then?

Hard truth below: Graphic.

aborted babies found in dumpster michigan

Babies found behind a Michigan “abortion mill”. Lord have mercy upon us.

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