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Pointing out the ABSURD by BEING ABSURD

Leslie Brown

I have absolutely NO PROBLEM letting you know what I know to be right and know to be wrong. Forget all of this grey cr*p! Things are either right or wrong. You cannot serve two masters. It is LIBS who try to blur the lines, and introduce “reasonable doubt” much like some skanky, pony-tailed, defense lawyer.

Luke 16:13 “No servant can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.”

Sooo, back to my point because SOMEBODY HAS TO SAY THIS STUFF!!! Let’s do a little thought experiment shall we? (Not that you ever have a choice with me….)


-Female genital mutilation
-Preventing females from receiving education (see Boko Haram)
-Hanging homosexuals
-Marrying young girls against their will; some so young they are injured irreparably.
-Beating their wives
-Forcing wives to dress “modestly”
-taking farm animals to “dinner and a movie” (forgetting the dinner and a movie of course)
-chopping off people’s heads and hands
-forcing everyone to adopt their rules and beliefs, and if they don’t killing them
-following the below rules of divorce:

Irrevocable and Revocable Divorce

Issue 2531: * Irrevocable divorce means that after the divorce, the husband is not entitled to take back his wife, that is, he is not entitled to take her as his wife without Nikah. This divorce is of five kinds, namely:

(i) The divorce of a woman who has not completed nine years of age.

(ii) The divorce of a woman who is in menopause.

(iii) The divorce of a woman whose husband has not had sexual intercourse with her after their marriage.

(iv) The third divorce of a woman who has been divorced three times.

(v) The divorce called Khul’a and Mubarat.

(vi) The divorce by intervention of Mujtahid, in the case of a wife whose husband is neither prepared to maintain her nor to divorce her.

Has anyone beside noticed that the feminists are notably silent on this misogynistic “war on women”? You see, for decades liberals have screamed that WE are “intolerant” if WE have a problem with this nothing-short-of-barbaric behavior. Rebel on.


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