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Borders, we don’t need no stinkin’ borders……

Leslie Brown

You know, I got to thinking; with all of the time and ENERGY we spend protecting our border, I mean what’s the point? I say we just ELIMINATE them all! I think Outback Steakhouse said it best…”No rules, just right!”.

We’re always “raggin'” on the libs for OVER-regulating, so let’s just let’r “rip”, and get rid of our entire meanypants southern border!

N0 matter, the strain to OUR economy. No matter, a massive influx of people of whom many have no intention of assimilating to our culture, or learning our language.(“Push ONE for Spanish, push TWO for English). No matter the enormous vector for disease. No matter the head-chopping-off-gangs,(they’ll help the MUSLIMS feel right at home). No matter the over-burdened schools who must first frickin’ teach English before the learning begins. Our national debt? “Meh.” It’s just money.

I’m trying to make a point people. Conservatives are known for being restrained, and practicing self-control unlike the vent-their-passions-like-dogs-LIBERALS. We can no longer stand by and “clutch our pearls”; it’s time to clutch our “pearl handles”. Our country is frickin’ being INVADED!!! WHY??? Ummm, sooo many “UNDOCUMENTED DEMOCRATS” as yet to be registered. Pelosi says, “Look at it as an OPPORTUNITY!”

Most Americans have somewhat awoken from their Kool-Aid induced slumber to find our country going to h&ll in a hand-basket, AND FAST TOO. Obviously the government needs to replace all of these people who are waking up, with some people who don’t speak our language, and-it’s-not-even-their-country-in-the-first-place-so-why-the-h*ll-should-they-care?

As a nation we deserve EVERY BIT OF THIS!!! We booted God out of our country beginning in the 60’s. We booted the “oppressive” restriction against murder of tiny children in the 70’s. In the very late 80’s we elected our first RINO president, in the 90’s we elected a known philandering liar. In the 2000’s we elected our second RINO, and in 2008 we threw every shred of logic and decency out the window by electing someone SOLELY on the basis of their COLOR. That’s O.K., we patted ourselves on the back for feeling “morally superior” at the moment by looking PAST his color. COLOR was never the issue unless it was MADE to be one! The issue was, we didn’t look at anything else or what God thought about any of it.
under GodMLK brothers

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