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Leslie Brown

I hate the term “wrap your head around”…but nothing else quite “fits the bill” of how I struggle to “wrap my head around” our foreign policy aaaand who the h*ll is leading it…from BEHIND that is.

I’m not THAT old, but if you know ANY history…..JOHN FLIPPIN’ KERRY are you FREAKIN’ kidding me??? Well, it’s no less shocking that we have a junior senator from arguably the most corrupt state in the union running our country.

Let me get this straight…we have a plastic-surgery-altered-and-it-didn’t-help-that-much-former-WAR-PROTESTER as our Secretary of State? Next you’ll be telling me Dr. Kevorkian is our Surgeon General or perhaps Bill Clinton is heading up Promise Keepers?

This is the alternate universe in which we now live in: what used to be right is now wrong, what used to be wrong is now right, and what used to be LEFT is now RIGHT!!! Geez, I could write a book* on this! (*stay tuned..done-down to the acknowledgments..)

Let me help you fellow public schoolers out. Israel became a nation again in 1948. They are frickin’ SURROUNDED ON EVERY SIDE by those who want to CHOP OFF THEIR HEADS (and likely poop down their NECKS while they’re at it) and we can’t throw them a bone of some AID, and then we chasten them for frickin’ DEFENDING themselves???? Sorry for the all of the copious “F” words…I’m a redhead and I just happen to love God and my country.

I was gonna’ give y’all some history on Israel, but Steven Crowder does it in such a deliciously funny way, aaand in THREE minutes for any of you fellow A.D.D’rs. Here’s the video that is nothing short of hilarious. If we don’t laugh, we’ll cry. I kid you not, after the 2012 election, I had to call my parents for comfort sobbing like a baby (keep that to yourselves).

I’m just sayin’…..


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