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Uncommon Courtesy

Leslie Brown

Unfortunately, the “ME generation” has made what used to be considered “common courtesy” rather uncommon indeed.

The words and phrases, “please”, “thank you”, “I’m sorry”, “excuse me”…are all going the way of candy cigarettes and the Yugo. It’s sad because these little phrases serve to lubricate the gears of our interactions with others.

Despite learning how to talk in New Jersey, I’m a West Texan through and through. I was blessed to be raised around men who stood when a woman entered the room, opened doors and car doors for women, and REMOVED their hats upon entering a building.

I cannot tell you how NICE it was to teach in West Texas after teaching in Dallas! My students replied with “yes ma’am” and “no ma’am”! I almost dropped my Expo marker in shock! There were also no instances of feces found smeared in the girls restroom stalls, (I kid you not). I was teaching adults who were paying, and wanted to be there, so I was practically in heaven!

I believe that this hollow praise cr&p we have been heaping on children to make them feel “special” and hence have good “self-esteem”, has contributed to the raising up of little narcissists and tyrants. EVERYBODY gets a trophy, because we would hate for anyone to get their feelings hurt. Those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder are actually incapable of apologizing because they lack empathy; it’s all about THEM.

Well, LeBron James’s mama done taught him right! With all of the recent hoopla over his announcement of a return to the Cleveland team, he knew the kind of circus the media had created in his neighborhood. James treated all of his neighbors to a yummy box of cupcakes and a note apologizing for any inconvenience the media might have caused. 65 dozen cupcakes went to neighbors, and five dozen cupcakes boxes went to the local township’s police department.

LeBron, will no doubt pass the gift of courtesy on to his children, because he led by example.

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