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Fraud Flies a “False Flag”

Leslie Brown

When a red cape is waved in front of a bull*, it’s like saying, “Bring it on bull!”   When a dictator waves a “false flag” in front of patriots,(especially TEXANS ) AFTER practically voiding his bowels on the Constitution and then wiping with the Bill of Rights…I sense TROUBLE BREWING.

Things are gettin’ down to the *STOP HERE* (When you’re married to a Marine, sometimes  you need to ever-so-slightly “tweak” what they might say, hence making this site “safe for the whole family”.)  SO,  like I was saying, things are getting down to the just-the-BERRIES-of-the “twig and berries” CUTTING TIME. Maybe say it fast, and it will make sense.

Texas is sending the National Guard to protect our borders.  Umm, protecting our borders IS one of the FEW enumerated duties of our Federal government.  You mean, they can’t protect our frickin’ border, have done a “bang-up” job with veteran healthcare aaaaaannnnnndddd they want to take on ONE SIXTH of our economy by providing OBAMACARE!!!  Have y’all been to the DMV lately? Is everyone out there NUTZ?

Are y’all getting MAD yet???  I am probably “ahead of the curve” on the whole “ANGER” thing because…. :1) LOVE MY COUNTRY  2) I have two synapses to rub together. 3) DON’T watch brain-rotting television 4) I am a redhead.

One hundred and one years of liberalism (Federal Income tax began in 1913) have just about destroyed our country.  Consider me a “cheerleader of patriotism”.  Many of you may not even know what a “False Flag” even is.  There is a meme below that will explain it as well as any anyone could.  I also suggest you look up my piece on Cloward and Pliven.

Don’t make me stop this car. (*bull-fighting is cruel) (P.S. this lady favors Obama’s mother, except she has all of her clothes on……scroll down.)

false flag

despots release

freedom no more than one generation
Told ‘ya.
o's mother

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