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The “New” G.O.P.!

Leslie Brown

Once upon a time, there was a Grand Old Party. They were for fiscal responsibility, limited government,  strong defense, and racial equality*. But then, slowly, ever so slowly like the analogy of the frog in the boiling pot, they changed…

The Grand Old Party of yore, has now become the Gonadless Old Panderers. A party once represented by men such as Ronald Wilson Reagan, Eisenhower and can-we-really-even-flippin’-judge-NIXON these days, is currently represented by John Boehner, John McCain, Eric (not-that-old,-but-indulge-me) Cantor, and John Cornyn who voted for Obamacare. Grrrrr.

I think there must be some kind environmental insult or cause that is running rampant both in the Senate and the House.  Whatever it is, apparently blocks the testosterone receptor hence lessening the effect of testosterone in the body.   Symptoms are weakness, depression and fatigue. You see, what we may perceive as, “These guys just don’t give a s*& anymore”, could really be a cry for help.

Even as wonderful as Reagan was, he was too soft on immigration. So maybe it started waaaay back then, because we haven’t had a Republican president ever since.

I hope this piece isn’t to risque or inappropriate. I ran it past a fellow writer; a man with a lot of integrity to get his opinion. He said, “At least it’s not Gonadless Old Perverts or Philanderers”,  I told him those are are generally Democrats.  I think I’ll become a “racist” Tea Partier now.



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