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Leslie Brown

I don’t know why, but something reminded me of Obama golfing yesterday evening. Everyone’s always T.O.’d because he golfs so much. THINK ABOUT it!!! Wouldn’t we rather HAVE him golfing??? Geez, what’s the alternative??? One can only fund-raise so much, and then he is left to his DESTRUCTIVE DICTATORSHIP!

Well, this gave me a really GOOD IDEA!!! All we have to do guys, is book him golfing dates for the next NINE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN DAYS!!! It’s a BRILLIANT idea!!! Let’s call it OPERATION: STROKE OF GENIUS!! I’m gonna have to have some help with this though, folks. I don’t “think a whole lot of golf”, you might say, and I’m gonna ask the only golfer-friend I have. BTW, she totally TRICKED me on that too because she was NOT a golfer when I first met her. I did however find plenty of other things to tease her about since she’s a Chicago YANKEE AND a tax accountant.

Being that we all are “right-wing fundamentalists”, just think of it as just keeping “our woman” “in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant*”, ‘cept for we’re gonna keep him golf-spike clad and on the golf course!
Now let’s do this smart. We can’t just set up golfing dates with some second cousin from Des Moines. This guy’s got an ego the size of the Milky Way, so we gotta get Tiger, Arnold Palmer, maybe Allah. Let’s put our heads together on this one. Remember the more IMPORTANT, FLASHY, and IN THE MEDIA the better. Put me down for ONE of the days, because since my friend Kelly is from Chicago, that might work as a “back-up” golf-date.

Get crackin’ guys! Hey, does anyone know how to set up an online calendar so we can start getting all these days filled? Does anyone know Jay Z, or if he even golfs? How bout that lady Obama was totally flirting with at Mandela’s funeral? He seemed to really like her.

*BAD girls get pregnant, “nice girls” are “expecting”

o golf


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