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Faded “Flower Children”

Leslie Brown

Can you guys think of any “cutting edge” young liberals out there? I’m just sayin’. I mean, the Castro twins are some pretty good looking Socialist guys, but geez, just that surname has to be a liability. Well, maybe not these days.

When I think of some of the “out there”, making-it-happen conservatives, I think of Dana Loesch, James O’Keefe, Star Parker, Deneen Borelli, Steven Crowder, Kevin Jackson*, Kira Davis, Ben Shapiro, Lila Rose, Michelle Malkin, Wayne Dupree, Ted Cruz, Mia Love and the late Andrew Breitbart. (*I’m totally “brown-nosing”)

When I think of liberals, I think of “Crazy Uncle Joe”, or “Plugs” Biden,(who really should have sprung for some better dental work), slimy Jonathan Edwards, Hillary Clinton, “Lurch” Kerry, Liz Warren (Fauxcahontas), and now I read that Jerry Brown just might throw his hat in the ring for the next Presidential nomination. Seriously? He’s about as crazy as, well, “Crazy Uncle Joe”.

“It doesn’t matter what I say as long as I sound different from other politicians.”

~Jerry Brown

I think these old libs have slipped into irrelevance, sorta like “Pogs”, “Beanie Babies” and “The Buttoneer” by Ronco. Speaking of buttons, I’ll be the White House is “cutting buttonholes”, so to speak with all of the stuff that’s coming out about Benghazi. Seems the video, that we spent $70,000 tax payer dollars to decry was not to blame. ‘Ya think?

In the simplest terms, the Democrats control the White House (and, for now, the Senate) at a time when the economy is struggling. Economic growth has been disappointing for almost fifteen years. Most Americans think this country is on the wrong track. Our foreign policy seems often messy and complex at best.

~ David Leonheardt (That’s about as harsh as the New York Times can get with a liberal)

My poor parents, clean-cut kids who married in the late 50’s, had to watch our country go down the cr%pper in the 60’s. I’m hoping and praying that “clean-cut” and respectable is now the new counterculture.

albert, gumbo and rubin
Give it a rest dudes.

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