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Asian Indian Race-Baiters Needed

Leslie Brown

I got to thinking. If we’re ever gonna get rid of these liberals who are taking our country to h*ll in a handbasket, we’re gonna have to step up our game and go all “Alinsky” on ’em.

We need to beat the libs at their own game; the game of race baiting! Geez, Jesse and Al practically, (no literally) make a living off of race-baiting. It will TOTALLY catch the libs off guard if WE DO IT TOO!

Let’s be smart about this, we need to use everyone we have in this game. I know of THREE awesome Asian Indian conservatives. I can’t hyphenate or I’ll get fired. The three conservatives are: Dinesh D’Souza, Bobby Jindal and Nikki Haley. Everyone knows how smart “these people” are.

So, what we need is an Asian Indian race-baiter both to protect these great minds much like a pit-bull would, and also to curry* up (maybe NOT the best choice of words*)some support for them too. Geez, this could be a really sweet deal for the right person….helloooo Bollywood!

Let’s glean the very best qualities from existing race-baiters so we can hybridize all of those qualities into the same person, thus constructing a sort of UBER RACE BAITER.

Jesse Jackson: Exhortative speaking style.
Al Sharpton: The pinkie ring, totally the pinkie ring.
Maxine Waters: Her soft heart. Her reaction to L.A. riots in 1992, “A spontaneous reaction to injustice”….why does that ring a bell?
Sheila Jackson Lee: Mind like that of a history scholar; thinks the Constitution is 400 years old.

I’ll post the position on Indeed.

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