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Rose-Colored Eyes

Leslie Brown

Rose-colored glasses can be removed, not so with rose colored eyes. Unless of course, the eyes belong to an “infidel”, and the “eye doctor” is a member of the “Religion of Peace”

“Delusional” might be another way of saying that someone is looking through “rose-colored glasses”, but that might be interpreted as “meanypants” and we would hate to hurt anybody’s feelings. Romney alluded to the fact that Obama looked at Russia’s future intentions through “rose-colored glasses”. Hater.

Now y’all, I’m no genius; I’m just a country housewife! Who couldn’t have seen this coming??? My dad might be considered a genius, but that is certainly not the case with me, (just ask my husband). I am tenacious as h#ll, I read a lot, care about my country and try not to rot my brain on television. I could watch crime shows on Investigation Discovery non-stop, or gator and feral hog shows or Deadliest Catch incessantly on the Discovery Channel, and never get anything worthwhile done.

I’m no Condoleezza Rice on foreign policy (first BLACK female secretary of defense….Republican-just sayin’), but I use COMMON SENSE and logic! Sooo, let’s look at this video-clip of Mitt Romney and our dismissive,snarky, smartest-man-in-the-room-of-a-President Obama, shall we?

Indeed our “chickens are coming home to roost” as Obama’s “pastor” Jeremiah Wright likes to say. He also likes to say, “God D&mn America!”

Say what you will about Mitt Romney. I read a book about him, and although he is too moderate for me, he woulda’ beat the pants offa’ the frickin’ minion of Satan we currently have! You cannot deny that Romney is a man of character and integrity. He also loves his country and is from here which is a pretty good idea to if you are gonna’ be running it.

My daddy served during the Cuban Missile Crisis at a string of missile silos around L.A., in what could now be called the “First Cold War”. Now, with President Obozo at the helm, we begin our “Second Cold War”, but I think in pretty short order, it’s gonna heat up pretty quickly.

P.S. When the other Malaysian jet that “disappeared” shows back up, it won’t be pretty.

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