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Cool Your Jets

Leslie Brown

I was on the internet today, surfing relevant news sites hoping that maybe, just maybe, someone besides me has made that horrifying connection. What connection? That of the outrageous RISK associated with our diaphanous-fabric-of-a-border, AAAANNNNDDD the surface to air missiles used in the downing of the most recent Malaysian jet tragedy.

I feel like I am on the Twilight Zone sometimes; I swear. This has to be some alternate reality because it seems the most important items in most people’s lives these days are:

a) American Idol b) Dancing With the Stars c) Honey Boo-Boo (if that’s still on), d) some sports team e) a “gaming system” f) online gambling g) online porn h) tattoos i) piercings j) living vicariously through your children k) Kardashian’s l) sexting m) Miley Cyrus n) stupid movies o) Oprah p) plastic surgery q) going “out” r) “hooking-up” r) signing up for undeserved federal benefits s) checking their iPhone t) checking their “package” u) outdressing each other v) dressing like giant “V-words w) drinking x) drugs y) obsessing over your vehicle/home/possessions z) obsessing over yourself

I don’t see God and country ANYWHERE on the list! (Well, duh, I wrote it and I’m making point!)

Muster up some concern folks! These are scary times! Maybe quit reading Prav(I mean, mainstream news sites) and pony up for some Drudge Report,, Breitbart, FORGET “The Blaze”…Glenn has totally “lost it”, and maybe some Hot Air, Blacksphere and some UnhyphenatedAmerica (that was a “no-brainer”).

Swim, swim! The internet is your ocean or information! Just “swim” away from mindless tripe and Solitaire, and be concerned, be very concerned for your country.

…..and they bred……

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