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Miss Manners Would Cringe

Leslie Brown

Does anyone R.S.V.P. or write a proper thank you note besides me anymore? I live in an arm-pit of a town, and yet the beautiful young lady next door wrote one of the nicest thank you notes I have ever read. She wrote it in appreciation for a graduation present we gave her.

Thankfully, my parents taught me to write thank you notes. I can’t remember if they held the gifts I received “hostage” until I wrote them, or food and water.

When my oldest daughter interviewed at Texas A&M University for vet school, she was interviewed by a panel of doctors. She was forthright and respectful and wrote every doctor on the panel a thank you note for the interview afterwards. She got in on the first try; this is unheard of. There are only 28 veterinarian schools in the country and A&M is one of the top ones; it is literally harder to get into vet school than medical school.

I made all three of our girls endure both manners classes AND defensive driving. At least the defensive driving was a comedy driving school and came with a lunch! I will rest assured knowing I have done everything I can do to ensure their safety AND to not order “RANCH” dressing in a high-end restaurant ha ha!

Well there’s a dad who likes good clean fun, which I’m ALL about. His alter-ego is a character named “Bat Dad”. He has four kids and lives in Atlanta; talk about embarrassing your kids! “Bad Dad” teaches manners, safety and probably has more fun wearing the tight pants than he should ha ha!

“Good manners will open doors the finest education cannot”-Clarence Thomas


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