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Why not just skip the “middle-man”?

Leslie Brown

Now my dad is one sharp guy, he’s an electrical engineer, and a Ph.D in math. The guy is dry, witty and he is hilarious! I have become one of the people he makes fun of…people who let their dogs lick them on the mouth.

Here’s my dad’s philosophy on the whole letting-your-dog-lick-you-on-the-mouth-thing (which he thinks is super gross).   He would dryly say, “The dog licks him/herself, then comes and licks you on the mouth. Why not just skip the “middle-man”? Think about it. (I actually used to use that analogy when teaching “difference of squares” because you get to “skip the middle-man”, so to speak by eliminating the middle term. I’m just sayin’.)

Well anyway, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel (yeah, still pretty surreal to me too..) has secretly let Congress know that the military (ssshyeah, right) wants to release some Guantanamo detainees down in Uruguay.

“The six detainees bound for Uruguay include a Syrian man who has brought a high-profile court challenge to the Pentagon’s procedures for forcibly feeding detainees who are on a hunger strike….The United States is grateful to our partner Uruguay for the significant humanitarian gesture, and appreciates the Uruguayan government’s generous assistance as the United States continues to close the detention facility at Guantanamo”

WTH! Correct me if I’m wrong, but we tried to cram food down some Syrian’s throat (actually UP HIS NOSE), hence getting him all p&ssed off, and NOW we’re going to dump him in South America and we’re FREAKIN THANKING THE COUNTRY that’s taking him????  Am I MISSING SOMETHING???  Why don’t we throw in some American Express travelers checks, a G.P.S. and maybe some Immodium and “Tucks” for his travels while we’re at it?   Geez, the way our southern border is, why not just “SKIP THE MIDDLEMAN” and plop these guys in large urban area in the U.S.??!!! I’m sure in South America there’s some “Underground Railroad” (only in REVERSE) trying to get terrorists IN to our country.

We are so scre&ed.

No wonder Obama didn’t want to go to the border, and decided to fist bump a gay guy at an Austin, TX bbq joint. The border is no place for a metrosexual who’s only weapon is a 9-iron.
But while Obama chomped on a rib and downed a “brewski,” hundreds of Mexicans rioted at the southern border of the United States and rushed the guards.~”The MAN” Kevin Jackson

Video link Kevin had posted of border-storming was no longer “up”.

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