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Paid “Bar Tab”

Leslie Brown

Now that I have your attention with a reference to BOOZE he he! This is a story that was just posted today on “The Good News Network”!

Do you ever get something unexpected that’s GOOD in the mail? Well this was one of those days for me!

On Sunday afternoons I usually talk to my “folks” on the phone. Confession time, my mom is a Yankee from southern Illinois, and she says “folks” so it’s not a fake “folksy” thing, ‘ya know what I mean? Well, anyway my phone broke. Texting still worked, but I couldn’t place or accept calls.

Anyway, TODAY I got my FREE replacement phone which is even nicer that the one I had, aaannddd…it’s RED! I digress..(as usual).

Pamela Hedges, owner of Gibbs Sports Bar in Beatrice, Nebraska received a letter in the mail. She figured it was just another bill. Oy. When she opened it, she discovered a check for $200 and an apology from someone she couldn’t even remember who had worked for her and her husband some 15 years ago at the bar! The woman went on to apologize for having stolen the money from the “till” of the bar, and she wanted to make things right. Wow, just wow!

The Hedges knew that they were “short” of what money they should have had at the time,

“My husband actually took the register to the repairman to see if it was broken,”

Hedges said.

“The repairman said, ‘The register is not broke, but you are,’”

Hedges laughed.

Pamela is going to write the woman back who now lives in Omaha, Nebraska. What an awesome opportunity for an ingenuous relationship!

My mind makes weird connections. Somehow this story reminded me of this week when I was cleaning our front door frame of cobwebs, coated brown with country dust. Which made me think of the Jews and how in preparation for Passover, they still literally sweep out the corners of the cabinets in their kitchen to make sure their is no yeast; not even a spore. Why? Passover is the time of unleavened bread. Yeast is the analogy for sin in our lives.

A little leaven leavens the whole lump.

Galatians 5:9

To read more about this story, click below:

Woman Returns $200 She Stole 15 Years Ago Because ‘I Regret It’.

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