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Seeds Planted Deep

Leslie Brown

My boss rarely sends me a link for a story to cover anymore. He’s a pretty busy guy what with working on his third book, his national radio show, speaking on Beck, Hannity, and running a BIG website that makes this one look like a mere “red-headed-step-child” ha ha! So I figured I had better cover it*.

The thing is, I had seen this story, I just didn’t like how it turned out to be perfectly honest. You see, as an administrator for The Blacksphere (hey, stifle that laugh) I am able to go to an online news “clearinghouse” of stories from all over the country.

In this story, a three year old from Minneapolis and a World War II veteran struck up a very unlikely friendship; their initial bond: tomatoes or “mate-o’s” according to young Emmett. Emmett loves tomatoes, and when his adorable little mind realized that Mr. Kindem next-door had a tomato plant, it was both fascinating and exciting to the little boy.

Think about it; little kids see fruits and vegetables just “magically appear” at the grocery story.Their minds are not privy yet to the variety of ways that they are created to get there or how they get there. In the eyes of a child to see something planted and come “full-fruit” is noting short of miraculous.

While Mr. Kindem, or “Erling” was planting memories for Emmett to hide away in his mind, Emmett was bringing “back to life” and adding life to Erling. They bike together, they ride their tractors, play croquet, and take the time to listen to each other.

Mr. Kindem is a member of the “Greatest Generation”, while I am a member of a largely “Poor-Excuse-for-a-Generation”. Mr. Kindem is patient, kind and puts others before himself. Being “nice” and kind are two entirely different things.

Emmett’s young family feels the need to move to a larger home for their growing family. The Kindems feel it is the right time to move to a retirement community, so they will no longer be next-door neighbors.

Sometimes we need not be sad something ends, but be happy it happened in the first place and thank the Lord for any mentors He places in our lives.

(*totally “brown-nosing”)

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