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Melting Pot or Pressure Cooker?

Leslie Brown

In addition to Lyndon Johnson’s colossal failure in the “War on Poverty”, he began a war on the very fabric of the United States that continues to this day.

Prior to implementation of the Hart-Celler Immigration Bill in 1965, the United States had an immigration policy designed with the goal of maintaining a country with a majority of English speakers and similar cultural mores. (How EGOCENTRIC is that???) LBJ in his infinite brilliance sought to appeal to the “touchy-feely” liberals of his day (and BUY votes…duh) by in essence saying, “We don’t need no cohesive values in this meany-pants-patriarchal-colonial-racist country!”

Seen as an extension of civil rights, little forethought was put into the notion that a mass influx of immigrants most hailing from a third-world nation whose educational system actually teaches its citizens that parts of the U.S. are rightly “theirs” and speak another language, might not be such a good idea. Not to mention the exploding health care costs from a population rampant with obesity and diabetes (these folks love them some birthday parties and Dallas Cowboys, I’m just sayin’).

According to 2012 U.S. Census reports, the population of Texas is 26,059,203. The Hispanic population is reported to be 38.2% of the population. When one goes to the link to “Population Projections to 2060 by Race, Sex and Hispanic Origin”, one is informed “Hispanic origin is considered an ethnicity, not a race. Hispanics may be of any race.” Super!  How ’bout Libyan or “PAH-KEE-STANI”* maybe? (Some of you will get that*)

Digging further to a press release issued Dec. 12, 2012 by the U.S. Census Bureau one finds “Meanwhile, the Hispanic population would more than double, from 53.3 million in 2012 to 128.8 million in 2060. Consequently, by the end of the period, nearly one in three U.S. residents would be Hispanic, up from about one in six today.” Hmm, perhaps legislators should have done some projection figures themselves.

(*Libs….retract your claws, I have a hispanic child….sorry to spoil your fun!*)

P.S. Did somebody slip Glenn Beck some Kool-Aid?


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