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Segregation of THOUGHT

Leslie Brown

Horrifyingly in the 1950’s there were separate “black” and “white” drinking fountains. A white could have gotten a drink out of the BLACK fountain, but not so the other way around. Things are no different.

Now things are just more insidious, we have segregation of thought. A white can be a liberal or a conservative; no biggie. But if you are a black or a latino and are not drinking out of the “Liberal Fount” of such “mental giants” such as Joe Biden or Sheila Jackson Lee, you are labeled an “Uncle Tom”, “House Negro” or worse…much worse.

I follow more black conservatives on Twitter and Facebook than whites  Why? Because most of the “conservatives” that come to mind from the white community have some parts on “back-order”, if you catch my drift. “Squishy” Boehner, Cantor, and McCain to name a few. In my opinion we haven’t had a Republican in the White House since Reagan. I didn’t leave the Republican party, the Republican party left me.  The conservative blacks have been tested by the fire….of their own people in many cases.

I now consider myself a proud Tea Partier. How the filthy liberals can find an innapropriate term to mock a “radical” group who loves God, the Constitution, personal and fiscal responsibility and freedom is beyond me, but consider the source.

I am and shall remain a member of the “racist” Tea Party.


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