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“More Freedom in a Wheelchair”

Leslie Brown

Frederick Howard used to be “cock of the walk” of his neighborhood, big man on campus…of “the hood” that is; feared by everyone.

Everything changed one day; the day he slipped in the midst of committing an armed robbery in which he was robbing a drug dealer. Shot by the drug dealer, Frederick’s few steps away from the scene, turned out to be his last. What seems like a tragedy sometimes, can be the best thing that ever happens to us.

Frederick is laying up his treasure in heaven now, no longer ruling others through violence and intimidation. Despite being confined to a wheelchair, Frederick is serving others; sharing his story with young men to try to keep them from going down the same destructive path he went.

Frederick had never heard the word “Bible”, gone to church, or read Scripture in his old life, and now he can’t get enough of God’s word. Frederick cried and repented for his past sins for a week, once he was aware of the Truth.

Just to be able to put your pants on in the morning is a difficult task.

Frederick is grateful for what happened now. He went from being a proud man, to being a grateful and humble man. God can make us and mold us into better people if we will allow him, and even if we don’t he can do it anyway.



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