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No Shirt, AND Service?

Leslie Brown

I have the sweetest little mama on the planet; and when I say “little” I mean, little. Car-seat sensors actually classify her body-weight as that of a child, thus inactivating the air bag. Years ago, my brother (we have a very good sense of humor in my family) dubbed her “Granorexic”.

Well, my sweet little mama has literally offered me the shirt off of her back before, but hey, I’m her kid! She forgets that I inherited the “barrel chest” from my part-Native dad and I would have “better luck playing pick-up sticks with my bum cheeks” than getting one of her shirts on.

Anyway, here is a touching story of a man giving shoes away as part of a street ministry, who ends up giving away the shirt off of his back…..(yes, that kinda’ makes me go “ewwww-” a little bit too. Stranger sweat?). But it is indeed the thought that counts and God looks at the heart.

The man in the video who is giving away the items, has his son with him. What a legacy he is passing on to his son. Too many fathers allow their kids to recline in gaming chairs with “thousand-yard stares” affixed to a gaming station, emitting mere “grunts” for responses. It’s not all about us, or them.


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