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Happy MORE Dependents Day!

Leslie Brown

Since our Southern border is pretty much a sieve….”Happy MORE Dependents Day”! I mean no disrespect to the holiday, and I will follow up with a respectful piece; I promise. But anyone that knows me, knows I passionately love my country and I’m having a hard time watching her go down the cra&per or should I say, “inodoro”.

Libs, simmer down. I can just see you “lickin’ your chops” to both quickly, and deftly extract the “race card” out of your back pocket (after accidentally grabbing your E.B.T. card first). Umm, I have a beautiful hispanic child… don’t EVEN go there AND hellloooo, I work for

I coulda told any liberal idiots out there THIS was gonna happen, what with the two-time election of President Obama. I mean, pretty much anyone with two synapses to rub together knew that. Since I was a public school teacher in a previous, (pretty much he#lish) career, let’s recap some things we’ve learned in the last six years so that IF, we make past next year, it never, ever, happens again… hmmmm?

1) Subsidies GROW THINGS. Examples: Poverty, debt, illegal aliens, abortions, crappy G.M.(yet again),
and, lest I forget, the GOVERNMENT.

2) Stimuluses cause INCREASED DEBT, with no,discernable benefit. Examples: “Cash for
Clunkers”, Solyndra, and any “Climate Change associated costs” (side note: how ARROGANT for us
mere mortals to think we can influence the flippin’ WEATHER enough to exert cataclysmic changes!
Seriously?) Can you say “p&ssing into the “increased” wind-due-to-“greenhouse gasses”?

3) Just like spoons don’t cause obesity, or cars cause crashes, GUNS DON’T CAUSE MURDER. Inanimate objects are pretty “tame”, and predictable in that way.

4) It’s not a “phobia” ANYTHING when there is a group of people who want to lop off our heads willy-
nilly, beat their no-education-for-YOU-wives and “have dinner and a movie” with a farm-animal
(“forgetting” the dinner AND the movie, of course).

5) The Constitution is not “Floam” to be molded and contorted to one’s personal agenda.

6) The Department of Education, T.S.A., IRS, DOJ, CIA, DHS, HUD, EPA, DHHS, ACORN, NATO, FBI, Federal
Reserve, SCOTUS, Congress, Senate, and POTUS all su$k, AND there is a strong
positive correlation between some lawyers and “slime bacteria”.

7) Character matters..

8) race “not so much”. Ideology….LOTS.

9) If we “have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” why have roughly fifty
million innocents missed out on all three?

10) We have all had just about enough. Semper Fidelis.

P.S. I’ve already set my timer to see how long it takes for some “tolerant” hate,….so 1,2,3, GO! Two Marines have back.

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