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There are Givers, and There are Takers

Leslie Brown

While Liberal women moan about Hobby Lobby not providing four kinds of birth-control while providing SIXTEEN others, I find it strikingly sad that some women have that mindset, while this mother sacrificed her very life for her unborn child.

Tennessee pastor’s wife Lakisha Mitchell got the good news, and then the bad: a baby on the way, and Stage 3 breast cancer. Knowing her prognosis would suffer, she decided to limit chemotherapy for the sake of her baby. In other words, she went without something that would poison her baby to her detriment while other women CLAMOR for poison to KILL their baby for their convenience. Got it.

Lakisha did get to hold her baby boy; she even recorded a lullaby to for him, but she put an other first. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do? God, others, and then ourselves? What does that tell us that the feminists are all about? Me, me, and then, oh yeah, ME again.

It is absolutely stunning the hypocrisy of simultaneously saying, “My body my choice” while wanting to end the life of another’s body who had NO choice, or say-so in the matter. One of my favorite quotes by Ronald Reagan is,

I can’t help but notice, that all of the people that are for abortion have already been born.

I’ve been in a Twitter debate with a young lady (I assume), who wants me to justify my stance on abortion. I believe abortion is plain and simply morally wrong. Murder is murder, and we should “Do unto others as we would have them do unto us.” I know I don’t want to be ripped limb from limb…how about you?

If you have no soul, and still don’t have a problem with abortion; look at the science…it’s just plain mean.

Click below to read about pain and the unborn:

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