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The “Soft Bigotry” of Lowered Expectations.

Leslie Brown

When I taught school I had the opportunity, (OK,OK, so I was sucking-up to a new Principal) to attend a training that was given monthly, throughout the school year. It was called Teacher Expectations Student Achievement, or T.E.S.A. In a nut-shell, it was about holding ALL students to the very same high expectations despite socio-economic-status or race.

It really was a fabulous training, but most of it was just plain commonsense. Be warm and approachable, allow students more time to answer questions so that one is not answering for them, and “raising the bar” for all students.

My family is not much on allowing members to “soak in their juices of sorrow” for very long. My parents are two of the most positive people I have ever met; but they birthed a “Debbie Downer”. While my parents see the glass as “half-full”, I see it as being “half-empty”, with water-spots, aaannd lipstick residue that is NOT my shade.

The video below is about an outstanding American named Chris whose family would not allow him to “soak in his juices of sorrow”. They held him to the same standards as his siblings. This had to be gut-wrenching at times because, you see, Chris has no arms or legs. I’m sure it broke their hearts into a million piecesdaily times to watch him struggle and fall; but you know what? It was the very best thing they could have done for their boy, because in time, they won’t be there to catch him.


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