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World Cup, the new “Golden Calf”?

Leslie Brown

I couldn’t give a hoot, nor holler about sports, but that doesn’t mean I think they are wrong. Sports can be good clean fun, not to mention, they can encourage physical activity of which we all need more of. It’s the rabid obsession with sports I have a problem with.

We are all created with a “God-shaped-void”, but some people fill it with anything but God. Whatever you value most in your life is your “god”, be it sports, money, possessions, a person etcetera.

I can’t help but wonder if these crazy World Cup fans had as much fervor for God, others, righteousness and our country, how different things would be. As in the military world, one of the most effective strategies in the spiritual world is that of distraction.

I used to be as big of a football fan as any guy. In fact, the first year the Dallas Cowboys hired Jimmy Johnson as coach, I told my boss at the time that we would go to the Super Bowl, and he was shocked when that came to pass. I dropped football like a “hot potato”, not too long afterwards when Jerry Jones fired Jimmy Johnson. How could I get so wrapped up in something subject to human whims, and other’s ill-advised decisions?

There is only one thing in this world that will never change, and that is all that is worthy of our worship.

Dude, get a grip!

Crazy Italian soccer fans, who no doubt make Fire Marshal’s everywhere cringe.

Why would I watch a bunch of people I don’t KNOW, playing a sport I don’t PLAY, who live in a city I don’t LIVE in? I’m just sayin’

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