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How LOW will folks go?

Leslie Brown

Stealing flowers and ferns from the beautiful porch of an equally beautiful lady? Seriously? I can’t imagine! Flowers are to enjoy. How could one enjoy them knowing they have STOLEN PROPERTY, ill-gotten gain at the expense of upsetting some poor stranger?

Patricia Ward of Albany, Georgia noticed about three weeks ago that her potted plants were disappearing. Neighbors who live around her experienced the same thing.

“Be aware that people are so low down and so petty to steal plants,” “That’s about as low as you can go.”

Actually, someone did go lower….stealing Easter plants that had been planted in the ground around Christ Harvest Tabernacle Baptist Church in the very same town! The church said they are praying for whoever committed the theft.

Apparently there are those who manage to slither under a very, low bar they have set for themselves. Can you just imagine what the world would be like if we actually abided by the TEN COMMANDMENTS and didn’t view them as the TEN SUGGESTIONS? (Side note: How many commandments does the Presbyterian Church follow these days? Just nine. I’ll leave that up to your own research to figure that one out.), Albany News, Weather, Sports

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