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Musical Chairs: Ideology Style

Leslie Brown

It’s weird; what used to be “wrong” is now “right”, what used to be “right” is now “wrong” and what used to “left” is now “right”. It’s like “Musical Chairs”, the Ideology Version.

In the same vein; the Socialists of yesterday, are the Democrats of today, the Democrats of yesterday, are the Republicans of today, and the Tea Party of today, is the Republican party of yesterday……as in since Reagan, because we haven’t HAD one in office SINCE!  I’m just sayin’.

Don’t take my word for it, or anybody’s for that matter EVER!  Even question your pastor.  Click below to see for yourselves the members of the Congressional “Progressive” Caucus (no date on this I apologize, but one can readily see current Congressional members):,71http://www.dsausa

Now, click below for the list of members of the Democratic Socialists of America ( I feces you NOT) in Congress (Oct. 2009). Changing one’s name does NOT change one’s ideology.

These are scary, scary times y’all.  We have two choices, we can bury our heads in the sand of “Dancing With the Stars” and inane zombie shows, or we can spread the word and FIGHT.  I can think of no two higher honors than to die for God and/or country.  I’m a red-head, a descendent from a Revolutionary War soldier, and I will not surrender without a fight.

Martin Luther King Jr. Twitter meme

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