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A Left Turn, Turned Out Just Right

Leslie Brown

There’s a “meme” that says, “I don’t trust joggers, they’re always the ones that find the dead bodies. Just sayin’.” Thanks be to God, that wasn’t the case in this situation.

Hong Nguyen was out for a morning run. She is here in the United States from Vietnam visiting family in Houston. A morning run and a “chance” left turn according to her, led her to an area of tall grass where she heard, as she put it,

“It was human sounds, not animal sounds”.

What she found was an eight month old baby girl still strapped in a car seat; ants crawling on her and biting her tender skin. Baby Genesis Haley had been dumped by a car thief who stole her mother’s car as she left the baby in clear sight as she ran in a convenience store for a soda. Mere seconds passed, and then the mother witnessed in horror, as a man hopped in her car and drove off with the precious cargo.

Hong called 911 and officer and father Albert Pizana was called to the scene. Genesis now fussy, was swaddled by Pizana in his uniform shirt in an effort to calm the baby. The baby was found to be in good condition after an exam at a local children’s hospital and the baby was returned to a very grateful mother. Of the situation, Office Pizana said,

“Whenever we can recover a baby alive … it feels good,” Pizana said. “It makes you wanna go home and hug your kids even tighter.”


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