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Let’s DO This!

Leslie Brown

Now that we are TWO generations DEEP into emasculated men raised by FEMINISTS….I thank the Lord every DAY for my husband! My Marine/fireman husband had as one of his main childhood mentors, a MANLY, “old school” MAN in his grandfather.

Lawd have mercy, my husband can fix about ANYTHING! He’s like a MacGyver, sans the blonde highlights. Well, truth be told, pretty much sans HAIR! What hair there is, is in a manly buzz cut, however.

This might seem random, but hey it’s how my brain works…I absolutely LOATHE the Home Depot radio ads that say, “Let’s do this!” in a deep, baritone male voice. They just get under my skin. Why, you might ask?  Well, the sad thing is that that male voice is probably about he most authoritative male voice many men have HEARD IN THEIR ENTIRE LIVES, and it probably has Sperry-wearin’ sissy boys headed to Home Depot in DROVES, only to wander aimlessly with a kid in-tow they refer to as “buddy”.

Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t LOOK at a man that could not change his own oil or unclog a toilet for starters… and he had better have FEWER shoes than I do (and I am NO shoe-hound). I also would not even LOOK at a man who highlights his hair, goes to a tanning salon or drives a Honda. I’m just sayin’. As if Home Depot hasn’t “worn a hole” in the “Let’s do this!” campaign (I just told y’all why it’s so effective); it’s now paired with, “Let’s take back the BACKYARD!” Don’t strain yourself. Aye, aye, aye…I’m gonna go watch my husband load some shells or something….

this is a ratchet!Got this meme the very DAY I wrote this article from one of my awesome “tom-boy”  girlfriends!

Editors note:  If one were to wonder why, at UA we rail against liberal policies and the liberal mindset, it is because for fifty years, liberal policies have disproportionately damaged minority families. We cannot have parity in this nation while simultaneously undermining the very families with which we seek unity.

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