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Open Carry: What it is, and isn’t!!

Christopher Harris

Like the typical Black Marxists that they are…the folks over at NewsOne are following the narrative created by their Leftist/Regressive/Socialist minded White Democrat Masters. They follow a simple playbook that basically says, “When all else fails, try to incite racial strife.”

They posted this picture on their Facebook page with the following question:  “Do you think open carry supporters would be OK with these men walking into their local TARGET? Thoughts?”

News One - Open Carry


First things first…THAT IS NOT what “OPEN CARRY” LOOKS LIKE.

Regardless of the color of your skin, if you walk into any establishment carrying firearms in that manner, you deserve to end up at the morgue with a tag on your toe.


Because there is not a single sensible gun owner who would walk into any establishment looking and acting like that in the name of their 2nd Amendment.

There is an organization called “Open Carry Texas” who are trying to draw attention to the fact that open carry of long guns, including semiautomatic rifles, is legal in Texas, but open carry of handguns isn’t. Their actions have been met with mixed reviews by every American who believes in the 2nd Amendment, including the National Rifle Association.

Everyone I have ever met who openly carries, knows the importance of GUN SAFETY. When handling or carrying a loaded weapon, the utmost care must be used to prevent any accidental discharge, and especially to prevent someone from taking your weapon from you. If you are carrying a handgun openly, it should remain holstered AT ALL TIMES, until/unless the occasion arises where you must draw the weapon in self-defense or in the defense of others. If you are carrying a long gun, including a shotgun, that weapon should be properly slung at all times.

I live in Northern Virginia, and I have frequented every gun store and range in the area, particularly the NRA Headquarters Range. I guarantee you that if walk into ANY of those stores or ranges carrying a gun in the manner that those young Black males are carrying weapons, the staff of those stores are going to draw their weapons (which they ALL openly carry) and you will most likely die that day in a hail of well placed bullets.

Bottom line is this, we here at Unhyphenated America are unabashed supporters of the 2nd Amendment, because we understand Unalienable Rights, and the simple fact that WITHOUT THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS…all of the other “RIGHTS” mean NOTHING!!

That being said, we also believe in the “Universal Law” that says, “DON’T BE A MORON!!”



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