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Enough is Enough

Leslie Brown

On the subject of military service, biker John Harrington of Tactical Shield, “I wasn’t there, but I still care.” One man, a man who willing to do something. If just one more person joins him, he feels like he can be 100% more effective. The mission: to do what our government refuses to do, rescue an American Marine from a Mexican prison.

In March, Sergeant Andrew Tahmooreessi took a wrong turn on a poorly marked road near the Mexican border, declared his weapons, and now sits incarcerated in La Mesa Penitentiary in Tijuana. Contrast this with the fact that the Administration recently freed a deserter for the price of five terrorists, and more recently released, twelve more.

The growing biker group is even going to stop by the Marine base of Camp Pendleton in California to see if they can recruit some of the “devil dogs” there to leave their posts, and come retrieve one of their own. The Marine’s motto is, “Leave no man behind.” Are we to the point where a Marine has to defy orders of a superior to do so?

We sit on a dangerous precipice in this nation. For most, the precipice is cushioned with a couch or perhaps a recliner. I personally would rather die trying to save our country than to sit and do nothing because while I don’t know what’s going to happen in Mexico, I do know where doing nothing is going to lead.

Sergeant Tahmooreesi

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