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Building a Future

Leslie Brown


In a time of “McMansions”, gigantic SUV’s, and a fast-growing storage industry; here’s a story about a young lady who believes “less is more”.

Sicily Kolbeck of Georgia started building “Le Maison Petite” when she was just twelve years old as an “out of the box” idea for a school project. She found plans for her tiny home online in 2013.

Sicily’s father Dane, who was in the construction industry provided her with assistance, and instructed her with his expertise.

Sadly, Sicily’s father was killed in an automobile accident, right after the two had laid the floor joists, but Sicily soldiered on, to complete the tiny home. Sicily and her mother will be moving to another state now that her father is gone; but Sicily will never have to leave home, at least the home that started as a project and ends as a labor of love, with a foundation laid by her father.

To read more about tiny homes, click below: Tiny homes. Adorable video of Sicily’s home, filmed by her mother. Don’t miss the kiss Sicily blows at the end! tiny house

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