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Eddie Murphy – “White Like Me”

Christopher Harris

Does anyone else remember the 1980’s Saturday Night Live skit, “White Like Me”, where Eddie Murphy transforms into a White man to find out the inequalities between White and Black Americans?

(Watch the skit here)
“White Like Me”,

As hilarious as this skit was…in reality, it was actually rather tragic. If you recognize pure satire when you see it, that it one thing, but everybody doesn’t recognize satire when they see it. There are far too many folks who actually believe that there is a semblance of truth to this storyline. That is why so many folks are running around today believing that there is such a thing as “White Privilege”.

Logic dictates that if this scenario is true, then the converse would also have to be true. Meaning, when people of other ethnicities are all alone, and believe that there is no one of a different ethnicity is around (particularly White people), they must also give stuff away to each other.

Which would then lead to the question…IF this scenario is true at all, and White Americans are the only ones who do this with and for each other, then WHY AREN’T OTHERS ALSO DOING IT?!?!  I mean, racism and oppression from “the evil White Man” can’t logically be used as an excuse as to why Black folks (or other ethnicities) can’t give things freely to each other.

At the end of the day, satire should not be used as the basis for supposedly intellectual thought, and it most certainly shouldn’t be used as the basis for creating, implementing, and enforcing public policy. Yet and still, the average Leftist/Regressive/Socialist minded person is dead set on using satirical skits like this to help inflame discord between the different ethnic communities within America.

This is done for one simple reason. As long as Americans are kept hyphenated, then we are divided. And a house divided against itself cannot stand. An Unhyphenated America is one that offers Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness for all, regardless of ethnicity, just as long as you don’t deprive someone else of their Unalienable Rights. The closer that we move towards an Unhyphenated America, the more that skits like this won’t be regarded as funny, let alone accurate.


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