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Contagious Caring

Leslie Brown


It’s been said that kids learn what they have “caught” not what they are “taught”. What are your kids “catching” from you?

In a world where too often it appears that people live by the motto “Do as I say, not as I do”, how are you appearing to others, and more importantly, to your children?

A group of children from an elementary school were interviewed and asked to explain what “caring” meant to them; a nebulous concept to a child perhaps, but their answers were fascinating.

Perhaps God gives children a blessed “magnification” in their vision of what we occasionally get right that is kind and good, because as the books the children created with assistance were later shared with the children’s parents they seemed quite humbled and surprised.

Thanks to author Patricia Lakin for literally helping to illustrate what is most important to “infect” our kids with.

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