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Remembering D-Day

Leslie Brown


Seventy years ago is a long time ago; but when these few remaining from the Greatest Generation tell their stories, the moment is very close and real to them still.

Imagine being but eighteen years old, landing on a bloodied foreign beach to shelling, not knowing if you will ever make it back home; alive or in one piece. This is the price our soldiers paid to break the back of Hitler’s tyranny which was spreading across Europe like a cancer during World War II.

The stories these men tell are both tragic and inspirational; I hope you will share a moment or two with them veterans to hear what they saw, how they felt, and why they fought. Their stories are leaving our midst quickly and must be recorded and documented.

When you see one of these veterans with a real “bomber jacket” from the war, you will never look at one the same. Far more importantly, I hope that you won’t look at our country the same but will see it for what it once was and can still be again, some day.

P.S. Leave volume off on video until commercial over; coarse language in commercial.

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